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             my name is Peatr Thomas, I am Indigenous to Turtle Island, Ininew (Swampy Cree) and Anishinabe (Ojibwe) is my identity.

Being a first generation by-product of Canada's Residential School Systems, navigating colonial systems, and being a self-taught Indigenous person, life has its challenges. Finding art, culture, and tradition is was a way to cope with the recycled trauma, and a way I continue to work on healing from the past and present. I feel by sharing the teachings I am taught, as well as ones I have learned/learning, they can help Indigenous peoples and peoples of all.


I moved to Winnipeg for high-school, graduating in 2005 and became a carpenter for the following 10 years. All the while practicing visual arts in many mediums (Acrylic, aerosol, pencil, and pen), graphic design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign), and videography (Film, write, and edit). Finally making the change to become a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and youth workshop facilitator in late 2015, I have since been travelling across Turtle Island, sharing my skills, knowledge and life experiences. I am always looking to assist youth, groups, and communities, anyone working towards a bright healing future for themselves, and community.

I believe no one is/will ever be perfect, we all, and especially me, have faults. I am learning that healing from past trauma, is not a one time done deal. Healing is a never ending process. Unlearning bad behaviours is an ongoing practice. I am working everyday to better myself, sharing my experiences openly so others can hopefully learn from my mistakes, but also more importantly I learn a lot from others.​

Love will conquer all.

Love also comes with pain and hurt.

Pain and hurt can be valid forms of anger.

Anger does not always mean violence.

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