Tansi, I'm indigenous to this land we call Canada, grew up on Treat 5 territory, on the reserves; Cross Lake and Bloodvein, Manitoba until the age of 13. Moved to Winnipeg for high-school in 2001, first year I was introduced to Graphic Design and Video Production, and continued to practice the two courses through out.


After completing high-school in 2005 I began my carpentry career, then in 2008 continued to study Graphic Design at Winnipeg Technical College (now MITT), and graduated in 2009. I then continued in carpentry afterwards for another 6 years. All the while I'm practicing Video Production, Graphic design, and artwork as a hobby and extra money.

In spring 2016 I've decided go full-time as a visual artist. Since then I've had multiple logos trademarked, clothing designs across Canada, artwork in the Winnipeg Art Gallery, multiple commissioned murals,

and have done video work for many local companies/

organizations, University of Winnipeg, and Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Recently I have been conducting art and or skateboarding programs/projects with high-schools, and community centres , coming from a rough childhood, I'm living proof that some Residential School

by-products (my generation of indigenous people) are wanting to make a change for the better, to end the cycle of substance abuse, and abuse in general. I love sharing what I've learned in my life with youth, and sharing the traditional teachings I was taught, in hopes that it will one day help them succeed.