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Aski Pimachi Iwew

November 2020

Winnipeg Art Gallery - Quamajuq - Kaitita Cafe

5ft H x 20ft L

Acrylic on Painted Drywall


After Mother Earth self cleanses, there is a new land, and home to be born, it is rebuilt on truth.

First creatures to rise again are those from the 7 teachings, and they bring what they represent;
Beaver - Wisdom, Eagle - Love, Bison - Respect, Bear - Courage, Sabe - Honesty, Wolf - Humility, and Turtle - Truth.


With the red sky fading, a new sky rises, in this new sky we are guided by the ancestor spirits, the previous 6 generations, greeting us with love.

We are brought back to our simpler ways of living and surviving. Knowledge that was almost fully lost, but is taught to us again by Mother Earth and all that she offers.

After the new moon, we see the young moon crescent, it is the end of a new day. Night howls to the stars are a reminder to be humble.

As in nature, everything moves clockwise, moving forward on this new beginning.

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