Tansi, wachiye, my name is Peatr Thomas, I am a Swampy Cree/Ojibwe, self taught, multi-disciplinary artist from the from the Pimicikamak Cree nation. Raised on reserve, I am a living by-product of the residential schools. I experienced first hand the recycled trauma that came from the generation before me. Finding art, culture, and tradition, it was a way to cope and a way to continue work on healing from the past.


I moved to Winnipeg, Mb. for high-school, graduating in 2005 and became a carpenter for the next 10 years. All the while practicing visual arts in many mediums, graphic design, and videography. 


Becoming a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and youth workshop facilitator in late 2015, I have since been travelling across turtle Island sharing my skills, knowledge and life experiences, as I'm always looking to assist youth, groups, and communities working towards a bright healing future for themselves, and community.