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Miskwaadesi Maada Ookii Gikendamowin

April 2019

Winnipeg, Mb.

12ft L x 8ft H

Acrylic on Primed Drywall

Peatr Thomas - St. Amant mural.JPG

Miskwaadesi Maada ookii Gikendamowin - Turtle Sharing Knowledge (From the Sturgeon)

St. Amant Foundation, Winnipeg, Mb.

Below are two Sturgeon. Sturgeon are the most ancient freshwater fish, and it is said they are the ancient knowledge keepers among Anishinaabe peoples. Their neighbor, a painted turtle who represents Truth can swim with the Sturgeon but also walk with the Land Animals. In this image, the Painted Turtle made a connection with the Sturgeon and is bringing this knowledge and truth to the surface to share with us Land Dwellers. 

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