What I Do

 Graphic Design - 17 years experience

    • Professionally Designed Logo •

The more simple but meaningful the better, most "logos" are too complicated and average. You should be able to to put a logo on a pencil and still recognize it easily. Coming from an artist background, I should be able to create something unique for you. The final product will include all the original files, colour codes, and proper files to send to print.

    • Advertisement •

As an artist, and knowing the principles of design, I will get your point/purpose of the ad or promotion noticed. I will send you proper sized files for social-media, post cards, posters and banners.

    • Shirt Graphics •

Why just put a logo on a t-shirt? Let me design something eye-catching with your logo integrated into the design, or have it somewhere on the shirt.

 Video Production13 years experience

    • Documentation and or Editing •

Have a conference, live performance, event, or anything alike? I can get full coverage with

multiple cameras and a variety of lenses from long range to wide angle close ups, point of view angles (i.e. Go-pro) and edit it all down to a few minutes. Want to include an interview? I have wireless lavalier microphones and shotgun microphones for that too.


Hard copy of full raw footage can be provided for your archives.

 Artistic Paintings20 years experience


• Custom Canvas •

Need something for that blank space in your office, home, or have one made for a gift? Why get something from the department store, when you can something unique and only one of its kind in the world. I have painted canvases as large as 8 ft x 8 ft for clients, so size does not matter.

• Murals •

My preferred medium is aerosol (spray paint), mainly because it is quick, little to no clean up, and post touch ups are easy. Top line aerosol paint companies today are environmentally conscious using ozone-friendly propellants that are are not harmful to the user. Spray paint cans are also accepted in the recycle blue bin.

    • Custom Clothing •

Not to be confused with graphic design, but rather myself painting directly onto; hats, shirts, shoes/boots, and jackets. Some of my first experiments on hats, pants, and shoes from 10 years ago are still holding up today.

Art and Skateboarding Programs


• Urban Art Programs •

What is often referred to as "graffiti art" it is an improper term because it defines as an unauthorized  writing on a surface, so I and many other like to refer to it as Urban Art.


Urban art, although it is not officially recognized as a true art form in the sense of modern-art, it has been gaining more and more attention in the communities. The letters have a custom construction, and the colours have to work, those two things are key in the art form. The programs I have done with

high-schools and community centres include a quick history on urban art, the basics of letter construction, use of the colour wheel to better choose colour combinations, acrylic paint marker painting lessons on canvas (or any small surface like a hat), proper/safe-practice use of aerosol, and I ALWAYS touch on the great importance of respect for others, their properties, and respect for yourself. 

The finished products have included an indoor school mural, custom hats, and custom canvases for the students to take home.

Classes usually take a total of  8 hours over the course of a few days

• Make, Paint, and Learn to Ride a Skateboard Programs •


*note; proper program proposals are currently being written.

 Any further questions I can be reached in the Contact area*

Make a skateboard program: In early 2017 Winnipeg Art Gallery flew Jaimie Issac (WAG Curator) and I to Toronto, Ontario to learn how to make skateboard decks. We then made skateboard decks with youth here in Winnipeg and painted them afterwards. 

This program takes about 6 hours total over the course of 2 days.

Paint and Learn to Ride: This is where I would provide blank skateboard decks, paint/materials for the class to paint their own skateboard. I would then teach the class the parts of a skateboard, and how to assemble it (parts also to be included). After all is said and done, I provided basic lessons of how to skateboard and practicing the safety.

This course can be done in a full day of 7 hours.